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Immune Boost for Health

Studies show patients who suffer the most complications from COVID-19 also have severe deficiencies in vitamins and micronutrients.



Improve your health, wellness, performance, immune function and longevity.



Extensive testing options to establish baseline and progress, including weight loss and longevity programs.


Medical Club

Join our medical club for concierge medicine, testing and discounts on all our offerings.


A Gift for Healthcare/Essential Workers

Currently, we are offering our Immune Function Infusion to healthcare/essential/frontline workers at a 20% discount. If you’re a healthcare/essential/frontline worker, book our Immune Function Infusion to strengthen your immune system!

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Wellness and Hydration

Schedule a Well Being Immune Booster IV with Glutathione, Zinc, NAD+, Vitamin C, and rehydrate with a lactated ringer saline solution. We are screening patients and have protocols in place to protect both patients and staff. We also offer concierge sterile medical options for those wanting to limit social exposure.

We have a full program of wellness options, including IV infusion therapy, testing and consultation, treatment programs and a medical club.

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A Customized Approach to Well Being

Well Being IV Lounge strives to provide customized health programs for our clients. We believe taking the time to listen to each individual’s needs is as important as taking time to inform.

We’ll work with you to determine the ideal IV hydration, vitamin supplementation, longevity, weight loss, and/or performance protocol to custom tailor it for your current health situation.

First, we conduct a detailed medical evaluation anchored by a detailed lab test to get an accurate baseline. Once we have the results, we will tailor the Medical Club experience specifically to your needs and goals.


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Vitamin IV Infusions


We offer infusions for health, wellness, performance, immune function support, and longevity.


All of our treatments begin with lab panels to establish an accurate baseline for your chosen treatments.

Medical Club

Become part of our medical club, which includes testing, concierge medicine and discounts on all our offerings.